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I always like coming back to Argentina... The country has its specific magic and it is impossible to get know the country during just one visit. It was quite a short trip to Argentina and South America this time.

Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls

Taking a tour of Argentina? My holiday in Argentina started in Buenos Aires of course. Town nicknamed “Old Paris”, city of tango and football, that is Buenos Aires! Every trip to South America should include this stop. The city has several different parts so during my second visit I still keep discovering unknown places and attractions. Tour of Argentina wouldn’t be complete without a tour of Buenos Aires. Most popular tourist area is the city's working-class neighbourhood of La Boca, where you'll find streets with colourful little houses and tango is danced at every corner. This district, together with the neighbourhood of San Telmo is regarded as the place where tango originated, and the residents are really proud of it. Just as they are proud of their football club Boca Juniors, where Maradona used to play. The District of San Telmo is most alive on Sundays when there are markets held and the whole neighbourhood is overflowing with tourists. Spend few days when doing a tour in Argentina.

In the city centre you can find known avenues full of your favourite stores, in the district of Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho trendy boutiques and stylish boutique hotels. Buenos Aires is a city of many faces, where you can find the atmosphere of old Paris as well as modern-quarters full of stylish bars. Most Argentina Tours starts in Buenos Aires, it is no wonder why, it is one of the best landing places in South America when flying from Australia.

After exploring the city I went on a day trip to Uruguay, the historic town of Colonia, which is just about an hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires. The ancient streets and historic houses attract crowds of tourists. This can be easily add to your Argentina Tour, not just little town of Colonia but trip to Montevideo as well.

A very popular short trip from Buenos Aires is a flight to the Iguazu Falls. Some tours of Argentina starts in Iguazu because you can enter here from Brazil with no need of international flight. You need only a few days for this trip and you can see for yourself why is this complex considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. This is probably one of the most popular add-ons to your Argentina tour. You can enter Iguazu (or Iguassu) Falls from Argentinean side or Brazilian side. From both sides you can do a tour to Brazilian and Argentinean part of the falls and each side has something different to offer. If you don’t have much time then I recommend to take tour to Iguazu Falls in Argentina, as this part is larger and more complex. On the tour to Brazilian Iguassu Falls you can get a view from a bit of distance and get a better overview of the whole Iguazu Falls. I have to say that I have been enthralled by the Iguazu Falls far more than by the famous Niagara Falls in the U.S. I have visited the falls in the recent past when touring through South America so my journey continues to El Calafate in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia.

El Calafate

Not a long flight from Buenos Aires to El Calafate and you enter natural paradise of Patagonia land! Do you love cooler clima, mountains, glaciers and thousands kilometres of wilderness? Then you are on a right place and tour of Argentina include one of the most wanted stop. Make a trip to El Calafate, it’s worth the journey. When you do a tour in Argentina you shouldn’t miss this part of this country. To the main highlights belong one of the most beautiful glacier in the world – Perito Moreno glacier, I was really surprised by size and amazingly clear light-blue colour of this glacier. This place is also gate to the hiking paradise of El Chalten area with beautiful Fitzroy peak. All natural lovers Shouldn’t miss a trip to Argentina including El Calafate area. It is also the best place where to get easily by bus from Argentina to Chilean part of Patagonia and it’s jewel – the national park Torres del Paine. Our trip leads even more towards southern part of Argentina and South America, Tiera del Fuego – Land of Fire.


And the Argentina Tour continues. Unlike the hot Buenos Aires cold mountain weather and temperature around 7 degrees Celsius in the middle of summer greets us in Ushuaia. Welcome to the southernmost city in the world!

This rather smaller town with its unique atmosphere is surrounded by mountains and national parks of the Patagonia region. I found out already the first day that the weather here changes every 5 minutes. But more surprising was the fact that at 10 pm there was still enough light and the sun was slowly going down. No wonder that most people here have dinner around 9 pm. It is a different Argentina, different part of your tour in Argentina.

Next morning I set off to the nearby national park Tierra del Fuego. A nice group of people met. We went kayaking down the river to Beagel's Channel, then we continued on a boat to an island occupied by penguins, we visited a ranch of the first settlers, and the trip concluded with a stroll through the beautiful countryside, with stunning views of the National Park and lake. One of the best part of my Argentina tour!

Then my journey continues to Antarctica, which was the main purpose of my visit. My tour in Argentina draws to the end. You can read more about the trip to Antarctica in the Antarctica article.

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