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Chile is a country located in South America between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes. It borders the country Peru towards the north, Bolivia towards the northeast and Argentina towards the Northeast. Chile has the longest coastlines in the world with over 5,000 Km of its mainland bordering the South Pacific Ocean. Chile is a Spanish speaking country and also a popular tourist destination in South America. For individuals who might wish to tour Chile, the following overview of some of the most popular tourist attractions in Chile will prove invaluable.

Easter Island

This is perhaps the topmost attraction for most individuals who are touring Chile. Easter Island is one of the most isolated islands on earth and lays thousands of miles off the coast f Chile. It is also home to the world famous extant monumental statues known as moai in the local dialect created centuries ago. The coastline off Easter Island also offers excellent diving and surfing for those who wish to tour Chile and features two underwater volcanoes.


Pucon is a small tourist town in the south Lake District and features an imposing volcano and beautiful lake which make it a popular attraction for those who wish to tour Chile. Some of the popular water sports on offer include rafting, snow skiing and even kayaking.

Torres Del Paine

Torres Del Paine is a national park considered the chief attractions for anyone touring Chile. It features mountains glaciers and lakes its centerpiece being the three towers of Paine which are made of granite. This is a must see for individuals who tour Chile

Valle de la Luna

Meaning 'valley of the moon', valle de la Luna is located in one of the driest desserts on earth: the Atacama Desert. It has a breathtaking desert environment and is considered as a must-see for anyone who wishes to tour Chile

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