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Why tour to Galapagos? Giant tortoises, Iguana lizards, blue-footed Boobies birds, seal colonies and other amazing animals are part of one of the best natural "safaris" in the world. The uniqueness of this place creates the behaviour of all animals that are not afraid of people! Unbelievable animal world opens to you. You can observe them on Galapagos tours in immediate proximity and in their natural environment!

The Galapagos Islands are part of Ecuador and lie about 1000 km west from the mainland. The isolation allowed development of specific animal species. The islands have been made famous by the scientist Charles Darwin, who developed here his evolution theory. I have visited Ecuador and Galapagos during my travels around South America and took one of the Galapagos tour in November.

The Galapagos archipelago is of volcanic origin and is composed of many different islands, so the best way to explore them is to board a cruise and take a several days long cruise around Galapagos. You can choose from variety of Galapagos Tours. Some of the Galapagos tours are based on hotel stay with minimum time spent on the boat, but I recommend to enjoy a real Galapagos cruise! The islands are mostly uninhabited, left to their natural development, while carefully protected by the government of Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands lie on the equator and therefore they offer a very good and warm weather all year long. Galapagos Islands tours with a stay in the hotels are also available.

The cruise is comfortable and the crew takes good care of food preparation and running of the ship. Each Galapagos tour - cruise has scheduled landing twice a day and a guide takes you through the best places where you can observe Galapagos local fauna and flora. At almost all of the islands you can find different species of animals, and you will experience something unusual every day. Giant tortoises on the island of Santa Cruz, prehistorically-looking Iguanas on the Floriana Island, beautiful beaches with cute seal colonies on other islands. You can lie down next to them on the beach, this is allowed on all Galapagos tours.

Blue footed Boobies birds, who are so popular here, will dance in front of you their ritual dance, regardless of your presence. To my surprise, even crabs at the Galapagos do not fear of humans. Something is happening in the Galapagos every season - you can witness eggs laying by giant tortoises or brooders of small albatrosses, each Galapagos tour in any time of the year has something to offer!

The most popular and mostly photographed animals on each Galapagos tour are undoubtedly seals who are chasing down the beach in an attempt to dominate it, or they compete in water. You will have several opportunities on each Galapagos cruise to swim with them or at least lie down beside them on the beach and become a part of their world for a second. Taking photos is permitted on all Galapagos tours as you like, so everyone can take a lot of beautiful pictures.

I was surprised how much interesting information about wildlife and practical examples were told us during the Galapagos cruise. I do not like lapping up information about animal life, its origin, etc., but here everything is based on own experience with wild animals.

A very popular activity is daily snorkelling in the sea (if the program allows it twice a day). You can observe the rich marine life, you can swim with seals, with a little luck you'll also be surrounded by a shoal of dolphins, as we were! For an additional fee to your Galapagos tour you can even dive at several renowned places to see "manta-rays" or hammerhead sharks.

Although the Galapagos Islands tours are not a cheap experience, actually one of the most expensive tours in South America, we strongly recommend these islands, because there is no similar place in the world. If you are lovers of animals in the wild and extraordinary experience in general, then you should not miss this Galapagos adventure! Come and try one of Galapagos Tours. From my own experience (travelling around the world) the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica and safari in Africa are the best places in the world for observing wildlife.


  • Galapagos officially belong to Ecuador
  • Galapagos Islands comprise of 18 large and 40 tiny islands
  • The Galapagos Islands are located 1,000 km from mainland
  • The Galapagos Islands are of volcanic origin and lie on the equator
  • 4, 5 and 8-days Galapagos cruises are available (inland programs are available as well)

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