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What you should know about Ecuador tours

Ecuador tours

Ecuador tours involve visiting various places such as haciendas while interacting with friendly locals. These Ecuador tours are quite exciting especially for people seeking adventure as they can engage in several activities such as biking and hiking. Those who take Ecuador tours also have a chance for engaging in white water rafting through the western Andes and kayaking in the wild depths of the Amazon jungle. Ecuador tours will offer you a chance to visit unique wildlife parks where visitors can interact with monkeys, jaguars, toucans and tapir.

Colonial towns are some of the historic places for travelers on Ecuador tours; visitors can simply walk down cobblestone streets and visit the local markets. The following are some of the best sites Ecuador tours can take you:

San Franscisco Church, Quito

Ecuador tours involve visiting Quito's Old Town district which is full of masterpieces. This includes the San Frascisco Church featuring an awesome sculpture of a winged Holy Virgin done by Legarda. The church is quite massive and covers almost 2 blocks with a museum close by. San Franscisco church is considered among most unique cultural centers in Latin America which is a good reason why Ecuador tours will include it in your travel package.

Galapagos Islands

Ecuador tours are never complete without a visit to the small archipelago volcanic islands located towards the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean. The Galapagos Islands are renowned globally for their unique ecosystem and were the basis of inspiring ″Theory of Natural Selection ″ by Charles Darwin.


Ecuador tours will take you to the tiny city of Banos which is located below the volcanically active Tungurahua. The city is named after hot springs emanating from the hot waters of the volcano.


Tourists on Ecuador tours should not miss the 2nd highest place in this area. At its highest peak it stands at 5,897 meters and is among the unique equatorial glaciers in the world as it begins at 5,000 meters.

The above are only some of the places that Ecuador tours will ensure that you visit to make your holiday memorable. Book your appointment with Ecuador tours to discover more places that are waiting to be discovered.

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