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Discover this amazing continent with the greatest wildlife on planet Earth. Choose one of the 10 to 20 day cruises to the Antarctica continent and Shetland Islands. A variety of boats with strong reputations leave from the world's southern most city, Ushuaia, in Argentina or you can choose the luxury of flying to Antarctica from Chile. Our professional approach and personal experience with this destination are the first steps to the holiday of your lifetime.
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Following Shackelton's footsteps - 20 day cruise

Cost: from $ 16.670 AUD
Flights: no flights included
Duration: 20 days
Departure: November, February and March
Location: Antarctica (departing from Argentina)

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Tour Description

We invite you on a unique experience that will take you to one of the most remote places on earth, coldest, highest, windiest, driest and most inhospitable continent, Antarctica. Antarctica is among the most beautiful, pristine and least explored places on the planet. Truly exhilarating, mysterious and alluring! This largely untouched wilderness is now more accessible to a new generation of intrepid explorers. Explore the entire Antarctica region during this 20-day cruise.

We recommend combining this package together with Buenos Aires package.


Day 1 - Ushuaia
After you have settled into your cabins and met the staff we set out for the cruise. First, we sail along the Beagle Channel and the Mackinlay Pass. You can observe birds and watch for whales.

Day 2 - 3 The Drake Passage
A full program of lectures will be offered as we sail across the Drake Passage. The first sightings of icebergs and snow-capped mountains indicate that we have reached the South Shetland Islands. With favourable conditions our lecturers and naturalists will accompany you ashore as you experience your first encounter with the penguins and seals.

Day 4 - 5 Exploring South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula
The South Shetland Islands are a haven for wildlife. We will stop at the amazing Deception Island. Next, King George Island, home to scientific bases of many different countries. Get ready to take pictures of Macaroni, Chinstrap and Gentoo Penguins as well as elephant seals. We hope to navigate some of the most beautiful waterways in the world: the Gerlache Strait, the Neumayer Channel, and the Lemaire Channel. Plenty of landings ashore are included in the itinerary.

Day 6 - Antarctic Peninsula
We make use of daylight to explore the Antarctic Peninsula’s spectacular northern side, Antarctic Sound, which is often full of icebergs. This part is also a rich corridor of all animals heading to Weddell Sea. We follow the original Shackelton cruise close to Paulet Island.

Day 7 - Elephant Island
Shackleton’s story comes to life at Elephant Island. We hope the often tempestuous seas will allow a landing at Cape Wild, where 22 men spent a winter beneath upturned boats, awaiting the return of the Boss.

Day 8 - Along the Antarctica
We deviate from Shackleton’s James Caird route long enough to visit the wild and remote South Orkney Islands. Fantastic icebergs often collect along the shores and we hope to land and stretch our legs.

Day 9 - Cruise to South Georgia territory
Across Scotia Sea to the South Georgia.

Day 10 - South Georgia
We aim for King Haakon Bay, where Shackleton made landfall, to disembark those adventurous souls keen to recreate the Boss’s South Georgia crossing. We enjoy extraordinary wildlife landings as we make our way around to meet them in Fortuna Bay, with many of us hiking the final stretch to Stromness. South Georgia is breathtakingly beautiful.

Day 11 to 15 - South Georgia
We will examine a whaling station, bays and other places. You can admire the natural beauties every step you move. You have 5 days to spend on Antarctica, enough to learn local fauna and flora. You can visit Salisbury Plain, St. Andrews Bay and Gold Harbour, with thousands of penguins on the beach. The entire region is a unique safari, which cannot be found anywhere else on Earth.

Day 16 to 17 – Back from South Georgia Island
Take the chance to relax and reflect on the fascinating adventures of the past days on the way back to Ushuaia.

Day 18 Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
Zodiacs zip you from ship to shore to hike where Kelp Geese graze and Rockhopper Penguins guard their burrows. Comb beaches and socialize with local residents. The Islands are full of birds and their nests.

Day 19 – On the way back to South America mainland
Join our lecturers and naturalists on deck as we search for seabirds and whales and enjoy some final lectures.

Day 20 - Ushuaia
We arrive at Ushuaia in the early morning and disembark the Ushuaia after breakfast. End of our services.

Price per person

Cabin for 3 people from $ 16.670 AUD
Cabin for 2 people (shared bathroom) from $ 19.790 AUD
Cabin for 2 people (private bathroom) from $ 23.090 AUD
Captain Apartman for 2 from $ 26.860 AUD

Final price is subject to a departure date, availability and cabin standard.

Package Inclusions

20-day Antarctica cruise on board of Polar Pioneer; All services, transfers and excursions detailed in the program; English speaking guide; All meals on board (full board) incl. non-alcoholic drinks; Lectures; Landings detailed in the program; Taxes.

Package Exclusions

Airfare; Tips; Personal expenses; Fuel surcharge (if applicable)



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